Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging happens after life.

So, looks like my 30 Days went a little capoot.

I've gotten quite a bit busy at work. If I had a computer at home blogging would be a lot easier. As it is, attempting to write a blog post on my phone would be nearly impossible.

Today my supervisor is out to a conference, so I decided to start covering her desk in Doctor Who papercrafts. So far I've made a Cyberman and the TARDIS. Seeing as I do have work to do, other papercrafts will probably come along on other days. She's doomed if she takes a vacation.

Bohobear made this cute flower earlier:

Paper flower and leaf covered in Doctor Who quotes. I think the stem is a magazine page. The vase is my own addition from The Coffee Ethic.

Did I mention I got a kitty? Last Saturday I adopted Missy DuPrau. Missy was her given name (not really something I would personally choose). I gave her DuPrau for her middle after the author of The City of Ember.


  1. The stem is from an Evangel. They're prevalent in this region of HQ. ;)

  2. Kinda figured, just didn't want to assume. Those come in handy for crafting.