Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay, a little bummed that I have to do this so early in my blog-life, but it has to happen for a couple reasons.

1. My only decent internet access is at work (you try writing and formatting a blog post on your cell phone). We're currently in the process of getting a new Administrator, so, until we know his policies and preferences about internet usage and such, we've been requested to curb our online play time. So I am generally keeping my browser closed for the majority of the day until further notice.

2. I seem to have developed a case of Guyon's Canal Sydrome, so typing and using the mouse are not the most comfortable things to attempt right now. It hurts enough as it is to hold my cell phone or drive. I have to pick and choose which activities requiring my wrist and fingers are important and which can be put on hold.

So, there you have it, Geekishly Apropos is on hiatus.

I will be on Twitter and Facebook, seeing as statuses are easier to peck out than a blog post.

Until I return, enjoy some Autumn cookies:

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