Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Friday: 5 Crafts in Progress and to Come

1. Super Star Slouchy Hat
Winter is definitely right around the corner. I walked to work this morning and was wonderfully cold! Lucky for me, I kept my head warm with a hat a crocheted last night. It only took me 5 straight hours and Missy meowing at me to pay attention to her all evening.

It's from this pattern on Etsy by April Draven (yes, I used the same colors b/c I love them!). I have hook issues. I'm still learning to understand gaging and all that, so it ended up probably about half the size it should be. Apparently the H/8 hook and the H hook are not the same thing. Now I know.

I'm going to do another one this weekend in attempts to get it the right size now that I know what I did wrong. Different colors, of course.

2. Scarf
I plan to make this scarf this weekend as well. Whatever colors I do my hat I'll make it match.

3. Cat toys
I have to crochet like a million cat toys this weekend! The craft fair at work is next Thursday and Friday. Bohemian Bear has a booth and I'm contributing. I've already made several mice and balls. Next up, random dangly stuff and fish. Missy is my official product tester and a vicious task master.

There's no way this one is going to happen this weekend with all the crochet projects I have to do, but I definitely have to do this soon. It would match my vanity space perfect! My vanity sets in the corner of my bedroom with a curtains draped on the edges and multiple mirrors and picture frames on the walls above it.

5. Painting
I'm currently in the middle of painting my bedroom. The baseboards and trim are blue and the walls will eventually be gold to match my curtains.

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