Friday, October 15, 2010

Did I mention that I LOVE autumn?

Now that fall is upon us here in the mid-west, it's time to pick up on traditions and prepare for the cold months ahead.

My fall traditions are a little sparse at the moment. Having spent the 5 of the last 7 years in college and the other 2 years stuck in a tourist town, I haven't really had the chance to create my own traditions. During college my family started celebrating Bobunk (read: Sabrina the Teenage Witch) as a combination of all the end of the year holidays and birthdays since we could only all get together at one time.

I have my sign somewhere in the back of the closet. I need to find it and hang it with the rest of my fall decor. I have fall-leaf garland that I got during my second year of college to decorate my dorm room a bit. It's currently hanging in my living room.

During my first semester of college, about this time, I was feeling lonely and home-sick. Granted, home was 45 minutes away, but I didn't have a car, I hadn't really made any friends, and my roommate was MIA for all but one of the 4 months I lived with her (not that I'm complaining; she was a lame roommate). I remember sitting in class, staring out the window over the lake and little valley(-ish), watching the leaves fall in the bright autumn sunlight, and thinking how wonderful it was outside. So what did I do when I got out of class? I went to my room. :) I'm was a major loner, so being alone was my thing. But the point of this story is what I did while I was in my room on that gorgeous fall afternoon/evening.

I opened the windows wide to enjoy the wonderful smells of fall. I had the most perfect tree on campus right outside, framed by my windows. It's leaves were a gorgeous, deep red (I was bitter when I had to move across the hall and stare at the courtyard instead). I decided to watch Back to the Future, so I pulled out my VHS trilogy set and popped in the first movie.

Then I sat down in the floor with printer paper, tape, crayons, and scissors, ready to craft my little heart out. Halloween was coming, so I needed decor. I had never really cared too much about Halloween before, but this year, the first year away from my family, it was time to start caring about some new things and enjoy what I could. I drew a life-size black cat with an arched back and a brown picket fence for him to stand on. This took a lot longer than it sounds. I managed to watch the entire trilogy while doing this. (I'm a perfectionist, so things like this tend to take a while.) I then attached my new decoration to the little wall space between my door and my neighbor's door. I felt so accomplished. Silly little college freshman.

I used my little Halloween decoration all 5 years in college. It's boxed up somewhere in my parents' house now. Another thing I need to find.

My first fall after college I lived with a few friends. We all had crazy schedules and one of the girls was a Danny Tanner, so decorating never came easy. We basically kept candy corn on the coffee table and pumpkin spice candles were lit almost constantly. We weren't allowed to have lit candles in our dorm rooms, so we used our new-found freedom to enjoy candles. As soon as I would get home from work I'd light my pumpkin spice candles in my bedroom and they'd burn until I went to bed.

That fall I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha and I spent many evening on our back porch in the wonderfully chilly fall air with candles sitting all around me. We lived outside town in a fairly wooded area. 

So, all that to say, my current fall traditions are celebrating Bobunk, watching Back to the Future (I watched the first two on Wednesday), hanging my few decorations, and having pumpkin spice candles everywhere (I live in a house with that has a gas stove, tho, and I'm a wuss, so I haven't lit any candles, but I have a spray I use constantly). And, of course, my balcony door is open almost constantly when I'm home. (I can't open my windows b/c of my cat and a lack of screens.)

Back in 2005 or 2006 I started attending the Fall Festival at my parents' church. It's not really a yearly tradition to attend, as my work schedule hasn't always allowed for it. My dad usually builds a cardboard tunnel in the Sunday School rooms. That's something my parents started doing at our church when I was a kid. So, yeah, that's something I plan on attending tonight. Yay!

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