Friday, November 12, 2010

Angry Birds & Glee

I discovered Angry Birds yesterday.

I haven't had much chance to play it yet and I had some major lag going on on my phone, but what I've managed so far was pretty fun. The first 3 levels were pretty simple, but the 4th level stumped me pretty quick. Could have been the lag, the distraction of How I Met Your Mother, or the difficulty level jumped up.

Basically, the game is about some birds with eggs that get stolen and fried up by the pigs. You don't wanna mess with these birds, 'cause they take their vengeance seriously.

Apparently there are 5 different birds with 5 different abilities that you play with throughout the game. Since I'm only up to level 4 I've still got the first, most basic bird. Aim and fire.

So much fun! I think this may be a new addication (if I can get the lag to stop).

In other news, Glee The Christmas Album comes out next Tuesday!

There's a full album preview on MySpace (people still use that?).

I may have to go the legal route on this one and get it at the store. 

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