Monday, November 22, 2010

In which I blog about crafting unreasonably large projects.

With Thanksgiving coming up I decided that the play room I was going to create for my neice in my apartment absolutely had to be done for her.

I have a little closet/room with a window just off the living room. It's probably about 7ft. x 5 ft; the perfect size for a play room. It's adorable! A week ago this room was used for storage, holding a bed, boxes, boards, bricks, etc. Now, it has a little cot covered in my 101 Dalmations comforter, books, games, toys, and Christmas lights. The walls aren't pretty, but that's another project for the future when everything else is done. But, the walls were in need of a little TLC if only to make the room echo a little less and scream ADORABLE!

So what did I do? I thought about what the cutest, geekiest thing I could do was and did it.

I created a 5ft. tall Epbot bot to put on the wall. Originaly I wanted to draw it directly on the wall with Sharpies, but everyone pointed out that I want to be able to take it w/ me whenever I end up moving out. So it's cut out of cardboard.

Okay, this is my project and how my brain works, so I'm gonna give you all the little details no one but me really cares about. Also, this is my blog, so neener-neener-boo-boo.

The idea just kind of randomly popped into my head Friday afternoon. Since the Epbot bot was going to be 1-dimensional on cardboard, I wanted some 3-dimensional elements. So Friday, after work, I went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart for supplies:
1 orange Gerber Daisy
1 tri-fold, cardboard display board (the fold isn't important, the size is)
1 pack of chisel-tip black Sharpies
1 box of Crayola markers

Other supplies I already had:
1 box cutter
1 bottle of silver paint
1 paint brush (I use those cheap-o spongie, chisel-tipped ones)
1 crazy cat that thinks she's a dog
1 tape measure
1 print-out of the Epbot bot
1 something to write/draw with
Any sort of entertainment; my choices were Election and Singing in the Rain
1 piece of wire, pr'bly 1ft. long
1 orange pom-pom (I had to use yellow)

Friday night I sat down in the living room floor with my supplies. I'm very methodical with projects. I have to measure things out and make them to scale or I'll forever be making minor adjustments. I measured different parts of my printed picture of the Epbot bot, carefully making measure marks on my cardboard. Once I got that done I started drawing it out on the cardboard. To get the proper width I didn't have room to make it one big piece, so I had to draw the neck, head, and antennae separately. I did the first drawing in pencil then went over it with my Sharpie.

You'll notice I only drew one of the antennae. I figured it would be much easier to draw one, cut it out, then trace around it for the other. I was right.

By this point crazy cat has already long been a part of the equation. She kept picking the cardboard up and crawling underneath it, which makes for very difficult drawing.


I was up til 2am working on this and wasn't even done. But after the drawing and minor coloring, I cut it out and called it a night. 
He's only laid together to see how he'll look.
He had pencil marks all over him and trying to erase them all was a hassle, so I couldn't leave him white. Saturday night I found my silver paint and painted. I even tried to do some of the shadowing. Creating a gradient with paint isn't very easy when you're not fond of painting.

I made his little wire anntennae by wrapping some wire my sister had around a glue stick. I twisted the tip of the wire around so I could sew the pom-pom to it (I couldn't get the wire to go thru it).

I started to try to put him together using extra pieces of cardboard stapled to the backside, but I wound up stapling him to my cutting board. I stapled him in separate pieces to the wall. Then slid the flower behind his hand and his little wire antennae behind his head.

With the spare cardboard I made a Ninja Kitty (re: Bohemian Bear). I thought it seemed appropriate that a play room for my niece should also have a character designed by her mom. Plus, I thought a Ninja Kitty peaking out from behind the shelves would be too cute!

When all was said and done the Epbot bot was just too cute! If I had the patience and the resources I would have made all his lights light up. 

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  1. That's hilarious that you video'd Missy watching you work! Adorable!!