Friday, December 10, 2010

Star Wars Pride Day

We all know my love for all things Star Trek (excluding that one show that one time that we won't mention). I also like Star Wars. That like, however, does not translate into having any sort of paraphernalia. My sisters used to have a little Yoda figure they kept in their freezer, but that's it.

I do, on the other hand, have plenty of geek pride and a dislike of people trying to make me feel bad for being such a geek.

For Star Wars Pride Day, to honor Katie, I've worn my homemade Star Trek earrings.

Also, my cubicle is all decorated for a very merry geeky Christmas (it's pretty geeky on a regular basis, too).

BohemianBear made me a set of her Doctor Who inspired felt ornaments, including a bonus of a giant Dalek inspired ornament (not available in her shop) and a Firefly inspired ornament.

The little Captain Sparrow is always on my desk, as well as the the Doctor Who quote paper flower. And, yes, if you look closely behind the Firefly ornament you'll see a papercraft Ceiling Cat.

On the counter top in front of my desk I have the Firefly ship in a bottle. On my work badge I have felt ST Communicator and a Police Box sticker.

Sorry, this post wasn't intended to advertise BohoBear's shop. It's just conveniently handy to have her for a sister.

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