Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crocheting and some other things.

I've been crocheting like a fiend!

For about a week it seems I was finishing a project a day. Those projects being hats. Allen was looking for a new beanie and asked me to crochet him one.

The first hat ended up a little small, but I followed the pattern to a T. I think I just tend to pull my stitches too tight. Plus it didn't cover his ears.

The next hat I began before I found out the first one was too small for Allen. It was for me so I was gonna use girly-ish (as girly as I get) colors. Plus I was experimenting with deviating from the pattern a bit to make it bigger and cover the ears. It worked out that I ran out of blue in time to add the brown and make it more masculine. It fit him perfectly this time.

Turns out, while I was working on the first hat my sister (not @bohobear, the other one w/ a lack of internet presence) had requested I make a hat for her. After I finished the first one she said that's the kind she was wanting. Perfect! Only problem was that pattern calls for a lot of measurements; she lives half way across the country and I'm pretty sure my head is bigger than her's, so there was no option to do fittings.

I found a new pattern that was basically the same idea, but girly-er. It's designed as a cancer patient hat and I thought it was adorable. It's supposed to have a scarf weaved around it. I didn't want to do that so I tried just weaving some yarn around (I know, it looks dumb). Turned out too small, so it was time to experiment!

I found this yarn which I absolutely love! It turned out all camo-looking and I happen to LOVE camo! So perfect. There wasn't quite enough yarn so I finished it off with black. It's pretty perfect for me.

After that one I finally had the perfect pattern for my sister's hat. She wanted Plum. The first time I went looking the best I could find was Dark Orchid. I thought it would work, but after I used it on the 3rd hat I decided it was way too grape. So I went to Mecca (Hobby Lobby) and found Dusty Purple (Vanna's Choice). Apparently, Plus does not exist in the world of yarn. I ended up using the Dark Orchid to accent it a bit. I really like how it turned out. Just hope it fits her right (once I get around to mailing it).

After that the crocheting slowed down a tad.

Monday night I went to Open Mic Night at Big Momma's with Allen. (Every Monday he doesn't work he's at Open Mic. He usually does covers of bands like Flight of the Conchords.) I took my crochet stuff with me because I was still attempting a hat a day. I started this to basically finish off another ball of yarn and as an experiment to make a looser hat that just kind of sits on your head rather than hugs it.

After I got home I tore out the ruffled part (after the red). I didn't have enough yarn to make a complete round, so I switched to funky, loose brown yarn. I haven't gotten very far with it yet.

Last night I started the pattern for this guy:

Didn't get very far because I had a recipe I wanted to try. I'm on Atkins so I can't have pastries. At all. I miss them. Cookies especially. I found a recipe, tho, for meringue cookies and HAD to try it! It's really simple.

I only made a single batch (1 dozen) since I wasn't sure how they'd turn out. But they're amazing! They taste like fortune cookies.

Meringue Cookies
2 egg whites
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup Splenda
(The recipe also called for salt, but I opted to leave that out b/c cookies don't need salt.)

Cook at 300F for 25 minutes.

Let cool and enjoy!

I'm going to make more tonight! My only problem is figuring out what to do with the egg yolks. I guess I'll probably start having eggnog for breakfast again. I really want to get some chocolate chips to try in them! (FYI, the cream of tartar causes a bit of a funky after taste, but I think adding chocolate chips might mask it.) I refrigerated some to bring my sister and they got soft (apparently they don't need refrigerated). They ended up tasting/feeling like marshmallows and sticking to the roof of my mouth. Still worth it!

Over Christmas and New Year's I watched the majority of the Buffy and Angel series. Love Buffy. Got tired of Angel. I only have seasons 4 & 7 left of Buffy (not easy to get from the library (I don't have Netflix b/c I don't have internet at home)). Big Spike fan!

My sister started a new blog. Yes, another one. :) But this one doesn't involve crafting. This is a movie review-ish blog. We both love movies and we have several friends who are movie buffs. We spend most days e-mailing back and forth about movies or tv shows, doing our own little reviews, so she decided it was time to share her/our opinions with the world. We're very opinionated (and have better tastes in movies/tv than most people :-p ).

Apples with Stars
The title is a misquote from The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Your welcome to the minute details of my life. :)

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