Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Over Christmas break I held a Buffy/Angel marathon. It wasn't planned. It just happened that multiple seasons of both shows started becoming available from the library during that time.

So how about a mini-review? Yeah? Okay!

here there be

Season 1: I actually watched this over a year ago on Hulu so I don't have a good memory of it. It was a good season. Buffy was a ditsy cheerleader with sword slashing action. I like the unique lingo Joss uses.

Season 2: Same sitch.

Season 3: Buffy's first return from a mental break. Kinda irritating that she really does make everything about her. I know, she's the hero, the only one who can defeat the big-baddies in the end, but really, she's just a teen with "nobody understands me!" issues. By the end of the season it's nice to see everyone acknowledge that some weird stuff has been going down over the last 3 years. I mean, seriously, you can only deny the obvious for so long. Especially when you've got a GIANT DEMON SNAKE ransacking your graduation! But, hey, no big.

Season 4: I'm in the middle of this on on Netflix right now. Buffy, The College Years. A lot better than Saved By the Bell, The College Years. You've got your typical, run-of-the-mill, required co-eds walking thru the hallways in a towel. There's the happy-go-lucky roommate that turns out to actually be sucking out Buffy's soul. (Hey! I had the same roommate! Well, okay, 3 of them; if only I could have gone all action-figure Buffy on them.) For a Teetotaler like me I appreciated the Beer Bad episode. Beer turns you into a brainless Neanderthal. Good message! And we have the return of ditsy Buffy (it stopped being cute in high school).

Season 5: Here we have the appearance of Dawn. Not having seen Season 4 before watching Season 5, I thought at first I'd missed something, but then it all began to make sense (y'know, when Buffy figures out that Dawn NEVER EXISTED before Season 5; thankfully not the opposite of the sudden unexplained non-existence of Judy in Family Matters). This season is pretty intense. We've got the whole Glory/Ben dual personality craziness going on, Joyce getting sick/better/suddenly dying, Dawn being the key to the continued existence of humanity (literally), Spike being hot in love with Buffy, Anya's inability to be human, and Buffy's adherence to Vulcan philosophy ("the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few").

Season 6: Buffy is dead. But her friends can't accept this. Willow is becoming a powerful witch and uses her crazy voodoo to resurrect Buffy. Buffy's all depressed and stand-offish, which is confusing because, hello! her friends just rescued her from hell! Oh, wait, no they didn't. They pulled her out of Heaven, but she doesn't want to tell them that 'cause it might hurt their feelings. At the end of Once More With Feeling everyone finds out, which happens to be the best episode!

This season we deal with The Trio, 3 nerds who want power, fame, and to destroy Buffy. Tara (Willow's girlfriend) gets killed, Xander leaves Anya at the alter, The Trio lose (shocker!), and Xander saves the world from Willow's vengence with love.

Oh, and Spike? Yeah, he's so in love with Buffy but hates himself for it b/c it goes against his nature, but he can't follow his nature because the government put a chip in his head (I'm assuming somewhere in Season 4) that prevents him from harming anything living that isn't evil (which, interestingly doesn't include Buffy, but that's Season 5), so he goes to some demony guy to go thru these trials that are supposed to get him what he really wants. I'm assuming the chip out of his head. Oh look, Spikey got a soul.

Season 7: Have not watched yet. But I vaguely know how it ends due to watching Season 5 of Angel.

Season 8: I haven't read any of the comics, but once I finish Season 4 and watch Season 7, I'll start looking for them.

Season 1: Angel left Sunnydale b/c he can't have Buffy without going all evil. So he's moved to LA to do good and make amends for past evil deeds. Cordy moved to LA to become rich and famous (hmm, much like several people I went to college with), but teams up with Angel to fight evil instead. And there's Doyle- the Irish demon who gets visions of the future and uses them to help Angel help people. Doyle dies and gives Cordy his visions. Enter Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

Season 2: Darla. Lorne. Pylea. Fred. Whatever.

Season 3: Didn't see it.

Season 4: Didn't care.

Season 5: Still didn't care, but Spike!

Yeah, Angel was good. Good and BORING.


  1. I have the same opinions! I really loved the comics. I'm still finishing them as some how I missed a few when they came out.
    I'm still working through Angel. I'm on the end of season 4 and am only making it through because of Gina Torres from Firefly. Seriously have thought of quiting it because its soooooo lame!

  2. I never made it to Gina Torres. I really thought about it, but the DVDs were due back at the library and I happily gave them up.