Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want, Photo, and Question

LED Color Changing Shower Head
How cool is that?! It changes color depending on the temp.

Green = below 90°

Blue = 91° to 105°

Red = 107° to 113°

Flashing = Danger of potentially scalding yourself

It doesn't use batteries. It's powered by the water.

It's only $13.16, but it comes from China so I imagine S&H is pretty expensive. Totally doesn't change me wanting it, tho!

. . .

I tweeted this pic last night b/c while I was watching tv I realized just how much this part of my living room shows exactly who I am.
1. An old family portrait from the '80s. Love it!
2. My Wii. I'm not a major gamer, but I try. I got it for Wii Fit.
3. Ceramic frog. Found him in the freebox in college. He's totally adorable.
4. The Big Bang Theory Season 1 DVDs (what's on the screen). Screams geek, right?
5. Crochet kitty. I hated him when I finished him, but he's grown on me. I could easily just decide he's a bear. And I should probably reposition his arms to be less weird.
6. My can-can doll. She's awesome! Sometimes her head lolls to the side and it's a little creepy.
7. My Tribble! I've managed to keep it from breeding so far. May be dead, but how can you tell? I don't even know where the head is!
8. My LotR soundtracks in a custom-made case (by bohobear). It's got a Shopped ad on the front for the Gap of Rohan.
9. A little place-holder card from Family Video for 500 Days of Summer.
10. DVDs: Caprica (haven't watched it yet, don't tell me anything!), Notting Hill, Invader Zim, and part of the ST:TNG 25th anniversary complete set.
My decor is very much "retro." I genuinely like older things. I'm not a hipster, I swear. I actually grew up with older things. I was raised a bit old-fashioned. So I like this stuff b/c it's how I was raised, not b/c it's "cool." Dumb hipsters, step off!

. . .

I have kind of a technical question about Microsoft Outlook.

Every time I minimize my Outlook to the taskbar then open it later it opens as a minimized screen. I can't get it to open full-screened. Like this:
I thought it might be a setting, but I couldn't find anything. I mean, it's obviously not a real issue, but it's kind of annoying sometimes. Is there a setting I'm missing? Something to change so it full-screens when I click on it in the taskbar?

Also, when I open it it opens with all my personal folders maximized. This is actually really annoying b/c I have several personal folders so it involves a lot of scrolling and searching to find what I want. Can that be changed so they stay minimized at all times until I actually click on that little + ?

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