Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Continuing Saga of Web Browsers.

I recently (as in last week) gave up Rockmelt. While it's a great browser for social networking, considering the now defunct Flock, it's recently been doing a lot of automatic updating.
Now, you see, I'm all about customization. Rockmelt offers some pretty decent custom options, but what I haven't been able to find is how to customize the update options. Basically, i would log-in some mornings to be greeted by an extra tab in my browser window informing me of new updates. Great, but I wasn't asked first. And then I was really oriented on these new updates.
The update that became the last straw for me was the one that interrupted my searches by sending me to random sites thru an apparent type of "get luck" search. I'd start to type a search phrase into the address bar and it would auto-fill as I typed. When not paying attention I hit Enter and be taken not to a Google search list but instead to some random site. Otherwise, I'd I have to pause a moment after typing my search phrase to wait for the auto-fill to relinquish to my control and allow me to search what I had typed. Waiting that extra moment wasn't terrible, but was annoying when I'd forget. And I had no idea how to turn this feature off because the update had not even bothered to inform me of its existence.

So where did this nuisance lead me? To a path not oft trodden. I downloaded Firefox and gave it a whirl. They've updated quite a bit since I last tried it about a year ago. It's become much more social networking friendly. Currently I haven't discovered any amazing share-worthy features, but I'm going to take some time learning the ropes before giving a review.
Also, Firefox has released a version for Android 2.0+, but, for some annoying reason, Moto Backflip is one of the few phones somehow not compatible. So, as luck would have it, I'll not be reviewing that any time soon.

Note: I typed this on the official Blogger app on my phone. I'm giving it a try. That said to explain the likely wonky formatting and any typos there might be. Editing on a phone is nearly impossible, not to mention incredibly annoying. And I attached a picture that I currently have no idea where it will end up if anywhere at all. An interesting experiment I suppose.

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