Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have a theory.

 I don't know about you, but so far I've been pretty disappointed in Series 6 of Doctor Who. I've been chalking it up to the fact that, due to my limited internet connection and lack of computer or cable, I've been watching the episodes chopped into bits and posted on Youtube or DailyMotion. But, at the same time, I have to take into consideration that I fell in love with the show watching it by the same means. Tiny little Christopher Eccleston on my cell phone screen = ♥.

It dawned on me, tho, while thinking about "The Rebel Flesh" what the problem may be.


Do not pas Go and do not collect $200 if you have not yet watched this (or any other Series 6) episode.
Or, Series 1-5, for that matter. Because none of this is going to make sense to you and you have issues if you are not watching THE GREATEST SHOW EVER.

So what's the problem, you ask? I'll tell you the problem! It all boils down to one element. Which I admit to with a heavy heart:
Personally, I am a massive Rory fan. I love Rory! Dare I say that I love him more than The Doctor? Well, yes, I do, because I have tried and tried and tried but I canNOT love Matt Smith as The Doctor.
from GetGlue
I fully admit I wasn't watching at the time I got the sticker,
but I had every intention to watch as soon as possible.

Okay, so there are many various and assunder reasons I should dislike Rory.
1. He steals The Doctor's thunder by being married to a companion; i.e., Amy's attention is focused on someone other than The Doctor.
2. He dies in basically, let's face it, EVERY episode. You know it's coming next week in "The Almost People."
3. He likes to shout "I'm a nurse!" But that's just funny b/c he's with The Doctor.
4. Like most male companions, he can be fairly useless.

But I like Rory b/c, tho usually useless and/or dead, he's actually far more helpful and intelligent than Mickey (no one likes Mickey). Also, because I don't like Amy or 11 so I've got to like someone and he wins! And he's British.
Don't argue.
He's British and that makes him wonderful. Case closed.

That's not really the point of this theory, tho. Rory's existence is just the cause for the problem.
Think about it. In Series 5 Rory's eventual lack of existence made the serial plot believable, fascinating, and created emotion for the show because it sort of hurt every time The Doctor would make reference to Rory and Amy just thought he was being his crazy self.

Getting to the point! Because Rory is now a regular companion, married to another companion, therefore causing there to be 3 main characters rather than the usual two, the story now has to be divided up so that 3 different people are covered almost equally, no one being left out. Normally we have The Doctor being all crazy and stuff, riding in at the last second to save the day b/c he was obviously planning it the entire time, and his companion who usually gets into some sort of mess or saves the day in their own style (and is in love with The Doctor). But now we have 3.
We have the Doctor who is doing the crazy last second dance, the companion who gets into trouble/helps, and the other companion who...basically does the same thing as the first companion. The companion role has been divided into two parts that are in love with each other and neither in love with The Doctor. So one element divided into two and another subtracted.
Then, in an attempt to fix the extra companion problem it seems the writers like to choose the "kill Rory" option which then combines the two companions back into one b/c they are no longer running around seperately, but Amy is hovering over Rory crying and not knowing what to do, so one companion plus one companion is now one companion. Problem fixed?
Now that Rory is dead or dying and Amy is focused on the problem at hand, so is The Doctor! He's no longer running around being crazy and saving the world at the last minute! No, instead he's focusing on Amy's problem, finding a way to bring Rory back and then, at the very last second, he inevitably saves the day without even trying or really explaining that he knew what was going on the entire time.

To sum it up, the story is now divided between 3 main characters, 2 of which are essentially the same character, and they demand all of The Doctor's attention so there's no time to really focus on the story. We're too focused on the characters. And there's just no heart in a story that focuses on the same 3 characters and their personal problems.

With, of course, the exception of "The Doctor's Wife."
This episode divided the 3 characters up into 2 to focus on their own problems separately. Rory and Amy had to focus on not letting House kill them, sharing a problem rather than having separate problems. I think what worked here is that we focused on Amy losing Rory (again), so it was from one perspective that we dealt with two characters. And The Doctor working with Sexy to stop House from destroying the universe and getting the TARDIS back. Not to mention The Doctor dealing with Sexy being the consciousness of the TARDIS.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss.

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  1. Wow, just wow. It's been niggling the back of my mind, but I'm pretty sure you are right. I've picked up on the Rory has died 4 times vibe. It's getting ridiculous.

    Amy made last season. Rory saps Amy's character strength. Plus he's useless.

    I remember Dr. Ecc, Rose, and Jack - They all had their individual and Jack could take care of himself, so no worries there.

    Mickey got awesome by the end when he didn't need Rose anymore. He had a better adventure than pining after her.

    Great post!

    PS. Another problem with this season is a complete lack of moving the series plot forward. Showing a woman viewing Amy thru improbably windows is not moving it forward. It's still very much a "who cares" plot still, with none of the subtlety of the Bad Wolf phrase.