Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 10

1. favorite Doctor
2. favorite companion
3. favorite villain
4. favorite character
5. favorite guest star
6. least favorite character
7. favorite episode(s)
8. favorite series/season
9. least favorite episode
10. Favorite scene/moment-
The end scene of Journey’s End
It’s so happy because Rose gets her own Doctor. It’s not THE Doctor, but he’s her very own Doctor she can happily grow old with.
And yet, so sad because she has to say goodbye to say goodbye to him again and he has to let her go once and for all. Wow, it’s actually kind of heart breaking all over just thinking about it!

11. favorite scene or moment that makes you cry
12. favorite scene or moment that makes you giggle
13. favorite era visited by the doctor
14. favorite doctor moment
15. favorite rose moment
16. favorite martha moment
17. favorite donna moment
18. favorite amy moment
19. favorite relationship
20. prettiest scene
21. favorite location
22. something silly
23. something epic
24. favorite accesory of the doctor's
25. favorite tardis team
26. scene or moment that makes you go "aww"
27. scene or moment that makes you go "argh"
28. favorite series arc
29. favorite music or song
30. why do you love doctor who?

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