Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 2

1. favorite doctor
2. Favorite companion-

I didn't particularly like Rose in the beginning. I thought she was as dumb as Jackie. By the end of Series 1, when she figures out Bad Wolf, I had started to take a liking to her. She was thinking for herself, figuring things out, helping solve problems, and showing herself worthy of the Doctor. She was not just some dumb blonde bimbo after the Doctor.
With 10 she was too perfect! Yes, I cried at the end of "Doomsday." But I also cried when Rose finally got her own Doctor in "Journey's End."
(Anyone else notice how 11 has effectively forgotten all about her?)

3. favorite villain 
4. favorite character 
5. favorite guest star 
6. least favorite character 
7. favorite episode(s) 
8. favorite series/season 
9. least favorite episode 
10. favorite scene/moment 
11. favorite scene or moment that makes you cry 
12. favorite scene or moment that makes you giggle 
13. favorite era visited by the doctor 
14. favorite doctor moment 
15. favorite rose moment 
16. favorite martha moment 
17. favorite donna moment 
18. favorite amy moment 
19. favorite relationship 
20. prettiest scene
21. favorite location 
22. something silly 
23. something epic 
24. favorite accesory of the doctor's 
25. favorite tardis team 
26. scene or moment that makes you go "aww" 
27. scene or moment that makes you go "argh" 
28. favorite series arc 
29. favorite music or song  
30. why do you love doctor who?


  1. I haven't watched any of Matt Smith yet. (Partly because it just became available on Netflix and partly because I don't want to say good buy to #10 yet!!!)
    It's a shame he doesn't mention Rose any more. She was a huge part of his journey!
    My favorite companion is a toss up between Rose and Donna. I love Rose for her smarts and her underlying (sometimes obvious) love for the Doctor. Yet, I love Donna for her friendship and ingenuity!
    Tough choice.

  2. Donna is an issue for me. I hate her all thru-out Series 4, but in the two-part finale I love her! For the short time that she's Doctor Donna she's brilliant, wonderful, awesome, and I cried when The Doctor wiped himself from her memory. But when I go back to "The Runnaway Bride" or the beginning of Series 4, I hate her all over.