Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 3

1. favorite Doctor
2. favorite companion
3. Favorite villain-
The Master
He's pretty much just awesome. I've only seen three regenerations of the Master. I first saw him in "The Five Doctors." Not having previously known anything about him, I quickly learned he was The Doctor's ultimate nemesis, has been killed multiple times but always finds a way back, and was willing to do just about anything to extend his life, being offered a new cycle of regenerations by the High Council of the Time Lords. He had the classic villain look back then. Menacing with a bit of theatrics and a cape.
In "The Sound of Drums" we find out he had again been brought back to life as defense in the Time War. We meet him as Professor Yana, a sweet old scientist trying to help the last of the humans. After regenerating he becomes Harold Saxon, a government official. It's really cool to look back through all the different events of Series 3 to see how it had been slowly building up to him and we hadn't even noticed. John Simms as the Master is hard to hate. He's a good looking guy who's just been driven crazy by evil morons (we just didn't know it at the time). It's interesting to find out that The Master was pretty much used by his own people and evil because they drove it to him. He just needed a hug and a therapist.

I have two favorites, amazingly the Dalek not being one of them.
The Gelth aren't awesome by any means, just sneaky little buggers. They basically preyed on The Doctor's emotions. He feels at fault for surviving the Time War, so when the Gelth claim to be victims of the Time War, having lost their corporeal forms as a consequence, The Doctor of course feels a bit guilty and that it's his responsibility to help them. But he's not stupid. He figures it out. Plus, the episode features Charles Dickens and it's a really good episode.
4. favorite character 
5. favorite guest star 
6. least favorite character 
7. favorite episode(s) 
8. favorite series/season 
9. least favorite episode 
10. favorite scene/moment 
11. favorite scene or moment that makes you cry 
12. favorite scene or moment that makes you giggle 
13. favorite era visited by the doctor 
14. favorite doctor moment 
15. favorite rose moment 
16. favorite martha moment 
17. favorite donna moment 
18. favorite amy moment 
19. favorite relationship 
20. prettiest scene
21. favorite location 
22. something silly 
23. something epic 
24. favorite accesory of the doctor's 
25. favorite tardis team 
26. scene or moment that makes you go "aww" 
27. scene or moment that makes you go "argh" 
28. favorite series arc 
29. favorite music or song  
30. why do you love doctor who?


  1. Gelth, really? Blink Angels, anyone?

    1. Me! or the Vashta Nerada (however you spell it, it think that's right)