Wednesday, August 10, 2011

News, I haz it.

It's been weeeeellllll over a month since I last posted.


I've been busy. Y'know, doing this and that, moving, getting married, and other things.

What's that? Getting mar-- Oh, yes, you read that right. I got married. Yes, sir. Week and a half ago.

I married @arkthejr. Also known as the blog-keeper of Helvetica's Nightmare. We eloped July 29. I have a husband now. How weird is that? Well, not really all that weird since I have known and dated him for the last 6 years. Now we're doing the married thing and I can't call him my boyfriend anymore.

I'll post pics and stuff sometime. Right now we're trying to organize our new apartment (meaning he's trying to figure out where he packed his camera cord or card reader in).

In other news.....oh, wait, that was the only news I had right now. Shoot. Ummm....


Oh, and I just noticed @thinkgeek is following me on Twitter now. That's, like, almost as awesome as if I were to be retweeted by @wilw or @nathanfillion.

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