Friday, September 9, 2011

The Doctor & Donna

I need to rewatch Series 4. I always say I hate Donna, other than as Doctor Donna, but I always remember the series so fondly. And it has THE best soundtrack! Murray Gold is amazing and funny and awesome. I think I’ll have a DW S4 marathon tomorrow.

Snagged the following from Tumblr:

# I love this
# Mostly because you generally only think of the Doctor and Donna running around and having these grand adventures but sometimes all they wanted to do was sit down at some quirky restaurant so that Donna could make snarky remarks about the pompus waiter and the Doctor could hide his grin behind his menu
# and the Doctor would always snitch food off of Donna’s plate when she wasn’t looking and she would always pretend to be cross about it but she never did move her plate farther away
# and Donna would tell stories with loud exclamations and dramatic hand gestures and The Doctor never cared how everyone else in the restaurant would turn around and stare at them because Donna always did get him so invested in her stories
# and it would just be as normal of a day as you can have while travelling with the TARDIS but that’s why the Doctor enjoyed Donna so much because she made even the quietest of excursions into an event

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