Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

45 years ago today, Star Trek premiered with "The Man Trap."

I wanted to read what the official site had to say about today's monumental anniversary, but the page seems to be down. Which, actually, only serves to make me even prouder as a fan b/c of this:

I love being a Trekkie.

I'd really like to write a longer post about how awesome Star Trek is and why it's so important and all that good stuff, but I have work to do.

Good news, tho, I should, hopefully, be able to blog more later about it and actually start blogging on a regular basis again. Why? Because we bought a computer last night! It's awesome. It's pretty. We named it Flynn. :)

In the mean time, go enjoy some Trek.

I know I will. Well, later. When I'm not working. Like after work. On Netflix. But I will be listening to Star Trek music.

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