Monday, September 19, 2011

Here there be *SPOILERS*

No, not actually.
I'm not giving away any spoilers or spoiling any plot of any show or movie for you.
I'm absolutely against spoilers. Like, religiously. [usually]
No, actually, this is a post about my dislike and treatment of spoilers.

Like River Song, I absolutely refuse to give away any secrets that might spoil your fun.

When someone has watched a movie or show before me and starts to tell me about it I prefer to clarify that whatever they're about to say does not spoil the plot. There are some people who's minds it never even crosses that telling me all about that great movie, all the twists and surprise ending, might make the movie pointless to watch once I know everything. It takes away the fun if I know that so-and-so is killer or what-not. If I know something is going to happen, that someone is going to show up and make an announcement that [insertOMGOODNESS YOU'RENEVERGOINGTOBELIEVETHIShere], then I sit there anticipating it and it's not a surprise to me anymore. Or, I'm sitting there (already knowing what's about to happen) looking at the person I'm watching with and they now know something crazy is about to happen b/c I keep staring at them and waiting to see their shocked expression.

Sometimes I spoil myself. And I mentally slap myself every time I do. I'll be watching a movie and something confuses me but they never bother to explain it so, while I'm still watching, I Wiki-it to see if I can understand and, in the mean time, end up reading about something that hasn't happened yet and spoil it for myself. I did that with Sucker Punch the other day. I was trying to understand the premise of the movie (if you've seen it you'll understand b/c it's a little bizar, but if you haven't I won't spoil it) and ended up reading that ["shoot, I can't believe I read that"], so I lost a little interest.

Not to say that spoilers totally ruin everything. Sometimes I read or hear a spoiler that actually makes me way more interested in seeing the move/show. Sure, I know exactly what's about to happen, but the point is I now want to see how it happens and how it's responded to.

And sometimes I purposefully read spoilers b/c I can't decide if something is worth spending my time on or if it might totally gross me out or if there are evil, wicked, bad and nasty things in it. For example, when The Happening came out a few years ago. My sister and I really wanted to see it. I love M. Night Shyamalan. I love Zooey Deschanel. I love John Leguizamo. I can't stand Mark Wahlberg. What could go wrong? [lol] Well, we heard some rumours. Such as, y'know, a bit "graphic" (safe, non-spoilery word). Kristi, not liking "graphic" movies, decided to read a synopsis, which led her to decide not to watch the movie. Knowing she was as big a Shyamalan fan as myself, I read the synopsis as well. We determined the movie to be "graphic" and lame. I still went to see it, but, having previously read the synopsis, I knew when to expect certain things and to look away.

So, sometimes, spoilers are a good thing. But not always.

My personal policy on being the bearer of spoilers is that I don't. I absolutely refuse to spoil movies/shows. I might let you know how awesome [insertawesomethingawesomehere] is, but I won't tell you. Or I might warn you that you may want to have some Kleenex just in case you're a crier. But I will not tell you what happens. Nope. I refuse to.

Unless you convince me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you absolutely have to know and/or won't be able to watch the movie/show any time soon and you NEED to know. Even then I might not tell you.

I tweet a lot when I watch shows/movies. But I'm very careful about my tweets. If it's an older movie/show that basically everyone has seen (and if you haven't it's b/c you just don't care) I don't edit my tweets. I say whatever. Like,
Watching Cinderella. Oh noes! She lost her shoe! #Cinderella
I mean, really, if you didn't know that you're living in a hole.

On the other hand, if it's something like newer or popular that not everyone has seen, I'm very careful to be vague. Like when watching Doctor Who yesterday:
"Oh, she's good. Amy, with regret, you're fired." 
It's a quote. A funny quote. A quote that gives nothing away.
Okay, definitely liking . Maybe mostly b/c I like "trapped in an eerie hotel" stories. 
No spoiler. If you'd seen the trailer for the episode you already knew they were trapped in a hotel. And it's DW, of course it's going to be an eerie hotel. If you hadn't seen the spoiler, knowing the setting of the episode still give nothing away.
For once I like Matt Smith. That's the way the Doctor should be.  
All that says is that there's finally an episode that made the 11th Doctor more likable for me.

Okay, that's all I have to say on spoilers. No fancy closing paragraph. This isn't a term paper, it's my blog. So I'm done.

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