Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy October!

she said, waving furiously like a mad woman

About that "having a computer so I can blog more often now"... Yeah, I also have a gamer husband and a Netflix account. :)
I'm working on it.

Thought I'd share a few things:

1. If you love ThinkGeek and love designing things, then do this:

2. Have you been watching Series 6 of Doctor Who? The Series (season) final was Saturday. As much as I've disliked Matt Smith and most of the Series 5 & 6 episdoes, the finale was pretty awesome. If you haven't been watching, don't look at this. If you have and you haven't watched the finale yet, this is pretty spoiler free assuming you have a brain and have actually been paying attention this Series:

via tardisisblue
3. I think I should start a "How to look like an idiot but think you're super cool" DIY parody blog.

4. I've heard word that Instagram is now working on a Android app. w00t!

5. This happened yesterday:

via bohobear

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