Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 2: Heart Granny Square

So, in the last two weeks I really have made granny squares and kept up with my plan. It's just...the camera on my phone is on the frits again, I can't find my little digital camera I haven't used in ages, and I have no idea how to use Allen's fancy camera (I can find the automatic option but I can't find the ON button).

Anyway, I don't want to rip off the blog I got it from since I don't have my own pic, so I'll borrow a pic and give you the link to the pattern:

Found on Lilley Stitches via
Click the link above for the pattern.

I don't think I made any changes. For the most part I was honestly a bit confused, but I think that's explained by the bit where she says, "Please note this pattern is written here in english crochet terms,  which differ from american crochet terms."

Mine's a little wonkier. I'll post a pic when I have the opportunity.

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