Monday, March 19, 2012

My Apocalyptic Soundtrack

1. The overall theme for the apocalypse: This Is Christmas - Plus One

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So, it sounds like the zombie apocalypse happens at Christmas time. Bummer.
2. Your first zombie kill: Boom Town Suite - Doctor Who OST, Series 1

Hmm, sounds like my first kill went pretty well, but I must've gotten pretty depressed once I realized that I actually had to kill somoneone. I mean, sure, it was a zombie and it was "kill or be killed," but that doesn't make it any less difficult. That used to be a person! What if they had family? Wait, what if they had already killed their family, then I was doing a favor and avenging their deaths? Okay, I think I can handle it now.
3. Being chased by the horde: Girl - Across the Universe (The Beatles)

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I feel like this chase may be forshadowing something devastating.
4. When you're forced to kill your loved one: Only in Dreams - Weezer

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I guess I just have to hold onto my dreams.
5. Your new love interest: One Love - Glee: The Music, Volume 4

"One love, one heart, give thanks and praise to the Lord, and I will feel alright."
6. Your final stand: Blackbird - Across the Universe (The Beatles)

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7. You (think you) have made it through: El Scorcho - Weezer

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8. You discover the bite mark on you: Little Ghost - White Stripes

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I get the feeling that my zombie apocalypse movie is a quirky musical.
Now go put your music on random and create your OST!

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