Thursday, March 8, 2012


...should not exist:


Great, way to destroy Doctor Who. Not really sure who's to blame here, but it deserves LOTS of blame on the deserving parties involved.

In 50 years Doctor Who has *never* needed an explanation. Sure, Amy is the longest lasting companion of the new series at this point, but that's no excuse for giving her an explanatory narration that kills the whole feel of the intro.

I discovered this terrible, terrible abomination last night when the husband and I started watching Series 6 on Netflix. I'd previously watched S6 in bootleg format from BBCOne on various sites before they'd get taken down for blah-blah-blah and some on Amazon and had never seen this intro. So I assumed it was something terrible Netflix had decided to do, but it seems this was used on the airings here in the US and Australia (possibly other countries but I don't really care enough to do extensive research).

Okay, that's all. I hate it. It's wrong. It shouldn't exist. And I just wanted to make you aware of it so you can hate it too.


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