Friday, April 6, 2012

Game Review: The Biggest Loser Challenge for Wii

I bought this "game" last Sunday. I've been doing workouts off and on for the last year and a half using Wii Fit. It's a lot of fun, but I've never really found it that challenging. There's nothing that ever really encourages you to come back every day. It just tells you how many days it's been since you last worked out, that you should workout the same time every day, and insultingly calls you obese even if you're only 30 lbs. over weight. Excuse me for being short with a medium build!
I decided it was time for some motivation (besides just wanting to be skinny).
So I bought TBLC. I did the setup Sunday evening. You can choose between a personalized program or a preset program. If you choose personalized it does an assessment, which basically involves starting at the lowest setting and slowly gets harder until you have to call it quits. After that you set up your profile with gender, birthdate, workout difficulty, weight, and measurements. Next you choose your workout length (this is the length you want to do everyday; I couldn't change it w/out deleting my program and starting over) and trainer. You can choose between Bob, Jillian, or both (they alternate days). Then you're ready for your first workout. The assessment had taken all the energy I had so I skipped the first workout.
After your first workout you get your first task, which is setting up your avatar. It's not incredibly customizable. I got it to look nothing like me. My Mii looks more like me.
Monday I did my first workout. I didn't just break a sweat, I was flooded! And exhausted! Could barely stand to take a shower after. For more active people it might not be so difficult at first, but I'm a pretty sedentary person. My calves hurt so bad and I stupidly wore heels to work making them hurt worse.
Tuesday was when I figured out I needed to reset the program for time. I ended up with only doing 15 minutes. I broke a sweat and was tired, but didn't feel like I'd done enough.
Wednesday I had to take the morning off because I was so sore! I did it Wednesday night. A full half hour. Tired, sweaty, and sore, but felt so good. I also tried one of the challenges. I tried Boom or Bust. It's shoving a cannon up a hill then cranking it to fire. What you're actually doing are squats to shove the cannon and high boxing to crank it. There's 5 different challenges you can try.
Thursday's workout was 40 minutes. I was tired and exhausted, but my muscles aren't massively sore anymore. My body is starting to get used to it!
Today was a rest day. My program said so, but also said I could do an unscheduled workout or challenges if I wanted. I got my husband to setup a profile so we could do the challenges together. They're a lot more fun against a real person.
As for working out with Bob and Jillian, it's interesting. Bob is really encouraging, tells you not to give up. But Jillian yells at you. It's like she takes it personally if you slow down or mess up. Bob explains most of the exercises. Their comments are pretty randomized and don't make sense for what you're doing half the time.
Next Monday is my first weigh in. I'm really looking forward to it. I've been eating healthy and drinking tons of water all week along with my workouts and have lost 4 lbs. since Sunday.

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