Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hunger Games

Am I too old to hang posters in my bedroom?

If you actually pay attention to anything I post on Twitter or Facebook you'll know I'm one of the many Hunger Games fans.

I started reading the book about two weeks before the movie premiered. Well, more like listening to the audio book, because if I had actually sat down with a hard copy I still wouldn't be done with the first book. I'm a very slow reader. Currently I've got 1:38 left of the last book Mockingjay.

I saw the movie last Tuesday. It was fantastic! Granted, it was not completely true to the book, but if you've read the book you would have to expect that. So much of what happens involves Katniss's thought process that it would be hard to reinterpret that on the big screen. There are the little things, tho, that you catch if you're really paying attention. The things that aren't mentioned, but if you've been in Katniss's head you know their important and you're happy they made it into the movie.

There's so much about this story, the book and the movie, that I can't really fit it all into one post. So I'm just gonna break it down.

Oh yeah, from here on out, if you haven't read the books (if you've only seen the movie go read the books then come back):


Let's start with #TeamGail and #TeamPeeta. Okay, first off, I can see a bit of a comparison between The Hunger Games and that silly book about sparkling vampires that shall not be named (blasphemy! sunlight kills!). One girl, two guys, and they both want her. But that's where the similarities end.

Katniss is a tough gal that can hold her own and she's oblivious to Gail's and Peeta's feelings for her. Gail is like a brother to her or, better yet, a cousin. She's known him for years. They spend their days together hunting. They're best friends. She's barely aware he's a boy.

As for Peeta, she hardly knows him. He's just the boy that got in trouble a couple years back for helping her. She's grateful to him, but that's as far as it goes.

Things change, obviously. And that's where I start to get torn. Gail is this big, strong guy that cares for her and her family. He's afraid for her; doesn't want to her to die. Peeta is this stranger that turns out to have had a massive crush on her since he was 5 and would rather die than kill her. He goes so far as to pretend to be hunting her just so he can protect her.

So, I'm all #TeamGail at first because, well, he's Gail and he knows Katniss best. But then Peeta turns out to be this really sweet guy that's willing to die just to keep Katniss alive so I really wanna be #TeamPeeta.

But then in Catching Fire, aside from the kiss (which when President Snow says "Oh, by the way, I know about the kiss, I WANT TO KILL HIM!!!) and being in love with Katniss, Gail really steps up to the big brother role. Peeta becomes so incredibly important to her and she somehow just can't see that she's in love with him. I'm definitely NOT #TeamKatniss in this book. She can only sleep well when he's there. She wants to keep him alive because it's "his turn." She's happy with Peeta!

Then there's MockingJay. SUCH a good book. Peeta is being held captive, likely dead. Gail is a hero. I'm back to being  #TeamGail. He saved Katniss's family! But, lo and behold, Peeta is alive! He's rescued! But he wants to kill Katniss. Shoot. It's not like it's his fault. He was Hijacked! I'm so irked at Gail at this point, tho, because he's turning Katniss against Peeta, not encouraging her to hope that he could get better. He offered to kill him multiple times! Peeta, however, is trying his darndest to relearn and understand why he once loved Katniss. Oh yeah, I am ALL #TeamPeeta.

But I'm not done with Mockingjay yet so I have to stop there. Don't tell me anything!

I am, however, past Gail's and Peeta's conversation about who Katniss would choose. They're right however mean it might have sounded to Katniss. But she'll figure it out. I have faith that she's not nearly as heartless as she so often seems.

I'm not all about #TeamGail and #TeamPeeta, tho. I'll be getting to these guys, too:




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