Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dream Home : House

My dream home, if I'm ever crazy rich is going to be AWESOME- wait for it... SAUCE.

There are so many awesomely geeky homes out there I can't decide!

I'm short so I could live like a Hobbit:

This guy is probably the standard all geek wives will now hold their husbands to.

I've always been partial to aliens so living in a UFO would be pretty fun:

I like how this one's behind a big fence like it's restricted access. 

This is the UFO housing district in Taipei, Taiwan:

From what I understand from the post is that it's one of those housing developements that was abandoned due to budget shortages. I think somebody needs to buy the property and fix it up as vacation housing!

How about a steampunk house:

I would probably add a victorian style hot air balloon on the left side of the house. The balloon portion would be an A-mazing entertainment room. Like one of these; of course the ST one gets my vote. I think it'd be a fun contrast.

Maybe this one's not entirely geeky, but growing up watching Full House I always loved the row houses:

I suppose I could turn it geeky by saying how much I love the row houses in the neigborhood used in so many of David Tennant's Doctor Who episodes:

This is from the episode "Fear Her." According to Wiki this is the Tremorfa area of Cardiff. I don't know what that means. Is that like a suburb of Cardiff? Does the UK have suburbs?

Okay, so, I guess I need a steampunk spaceship home built into the side of a hill in Cardiff. Yeah, that sounds good. Now I just need money and an architect. 

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