Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Over the Hump

The work week after a 3-day weekend always seems to last forever b/cwe can't keep our days straight.

FYI, it's Wednesday. Just in case you thought it was Tuesday or even Thursday.

Here's some things to keep you amused while you try to get through the middle of this ever so long week:

Honest Toddler
My new favorite twitter. Life from a toddler's POV. Most are just thoughts on life, but we also get to follow him through adventures like a trip to the Apple store, Starbucks, and the park.

There's also a blog where you can read his rants about Pinterest.

Lip-Dub Proposal
If you haven't seen this video yet it's awesome!

In case you weren't aware (assuming you Tumble), there is an official Doctor Who Tumblr.

My current favorite new album. Well, not entirely new because it was released almost 2 years ago, but new to me. I kept forgetting to check it out and finally did about a month ago. Beecake, if you're not aware of them or my former obsessions, is the band fronted by the lovely actor Billy Boyd. You can check it out on Spotify then buy it from Amazon.

Well, this is my blog so I can do this: go give me Klout! For some reason it's been really wonky lately and it seems like the more socially active I am the more my score goes down. Dunno, but you're welcome to give me some Klout. If you dunno what Klout is it's basically a site that measures your social media influence and rewards you for it. Not lame rewards like digital or real stickers (not dissing GetGlue b/c I'm like a 8 yr. old that still *loves* stickers!), but cool stuff like this guy:

Got any other suggestions for getting through the tedium of a long work week? 

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