Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day!

I usually manage to forget about this every year. I see people tweeting about it all day but it never clicks until the end of the day when I finally read whatever post Wil Wheaton has for the day. And by then it's too late to care because I'm getting ready for bed.
But not this year! Thanks to a co-worker who reminded me yesterday I get to celebrate. Only, I just now realize I have a new Star Wars pin I could have worn. Bummer. Meh, the husband can wear it. He's the proud Star Wars fan anyway.
So, this is probably the only day of the year you'll see anything on my blog about Star Wars. Unless it's a comparisson to Star Trek and an explanation of why Trekkies will forever be better (case in point, we have a fan title and SW fans don't :p ).

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