Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Not Actually That Big of a Move (well, it is but it isn't)

Every summer my office moves over to one of the local college campuses for a month. It's basically like being at camp for a month, except I'm one of the counselors and I get to go home every night. It's incredibly stressful but a neat and fun experience (IMHO).

Next Monday is our first day on campus so tomorrow I'll be packing up my necessities for the movers. Obviously my inbox, office supplies, track sheets, planner, and generally everything I use on a daily basis will be going, but I have to decide what little elements of me to take as well. Y'know, like, do I take Rex Manning the T-Rex or leave him? Will Sad Keanu be too sad if he doesn't go? Should I bring my crazy cat lady accessories?

All I know for certain is that Martin is coming with me.

I'll have very limited desk space to display my geekiness (not my usual cubicle sized area). Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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