Friday, June 1, 2012

Movie Review: Super

I watched this the other night. I didn't particularly like it. I didn't hate it, but it left me feeling more toward the negative side of neutral.

It started out okay. It had Nathan Fillion. Rainn Wilson is okay, but not my fave. I do like Ellen Page.

So let's rate this sucker with Apples with Stars' rating scale:


+50 for Cap'n Tight Pants
+10 for Rainn Wilson
+ 25 for Ellen Page
-15 for Liv Tyler
-15 for Kevin Bacon
+50 more for Nathan Fillion because... of reasons.
-5 for making fun of Bible Man
+4 because the Holy Avenger was funny and Bible Man is pretty lame.
+10 because that makes me think of Willie Ames, which makes me think of Charles in Charge, which gets this song stuck in my head:
+15 for geekiness
-50 for Ellen Page's language
-10 for Rainn Wilson telling her to stop cussing
-50 for the brutality, sex, and drugs
-25 killing Ellen Page
+10 for not directly dissing Christianity
-5 for making still trying to make Christians look stupid
-20 for being such a sucky ending!

That's a grand total of -21.

Yeah, won't be watching that one again. That's such a big let down because I'd been looking forward to it.

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