Friday, September 21, 2012


Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!!! I'm so excited!

I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, only opposite. I get super happy during the Fall. It's my favorite time of year. All the leaves are turning beautiful colors, the air is so crisp of the morning, and I get to start wearing sweaters and using blankets.

There are certain movies and music and things I reserve for Autumn. This year I kinda started early because we got a Fall weather preview in August, but I'm okay with that. I actually liked my birthday month for once (yes, I'm bitter that I was born during the summer).

1. You've Got Mail
Movie and soundtrack- it's a staple of Autumn. I've been listening to the soundtrack since August. I haven't watched the movie yet this year. I've held off on that. But, see as tomorrow is the official first day of Autumn, I think I'll watch it.

2. Pumpkin Spice Candles
Mmmm, they smell so good! Sadly, our new apartment has a no candles/incense policy. They gave us a candle warmer as consolation. Meh, it's okay. But now I have a bazillion candles I can't burn. But that's where a crafty project comes in. :)

3. Colored-y leaves
I love when the leaves change color! And I have the perfect drive to enjoy the leaves this Autumn. So many gorgeous trees! My parents like to drive through the Glade Top Trail every year. It's a long drive, but it's such a pretty, enjoyable ride. There's also some caves, trails, and camp grounds out there.

4. Hot Cocoa / Chai
You've seen my recipe for chai. I also have one for hot cocoa. There's just no other time of year I crave these drinks so badly.

5. Old-fashioned chili dinners
Growing up this was one of my favorite things to do. It wasn't necessarily a Fall tradition, but chili is just best eaten then. We would cover the table with a blanket (usually patchwork that Grama made), use jars for water, light candles, and turn out all the lights. Being a country girl this, in my opinion, is the best and should be the only way to eat chili. We've done this randomly over the years but my husband and niece have never experienced it so my mom and I keep talking about wanting to have a good old-fashioned chili dinner soon.

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