Friday, September 28, 2012


In case you hadn't noticed, I'm in love with Autumn!

Every year I want to do fun Autumnal/Halloween activities and never get around to it. This year my goal is to do something about that.

1. Apple Picking
I already know this one's not going to happen. The closest orchard I could find is having to import apples and not allowing picking because this year's drought limited their crop.

2. Corn Mazes & Pumpkin Patches
I've never been to one. I think going would probably call for heavy doses of allergy medicine, but I think it would be so fun! Especially at night. It seems like a lot are closed this year because of the drought, but we have a few in the area to pick from:
Fall Fest at Rutledge-Wilson Farm
Campbell's Maze Daze
The Maize
McKenna Family Farm
Fieth Family Farm

3. Spooktacular
Dickerson Park Zoo has held this for as long as I can remember. We went once when I was little and I've never been back. I remember being scared to death by this guy dressed as a giant spider and hanging from a tree. Maybe that's where my arachnophobia comes from.

4. Pythian Castle
I want to be all "Pythian Castle is Springfield's only castle, standing in all its majesty and blah-blah-blah...," but I don't really know much about it beyond what you can read for yourself on the website. It's a cool castle here in my hometown and is supposedly "certified" haunted. I've never been to it but I'd like to remedy that. I'll probably just take the history tour because it's cheaper than the ghost tour. They also host a comedy night, murder mystery dinner, and a cabaret dinner and show. I find the cabaret bit awkward, but that's probably because I felt so awkward watching the movie Cabaret. That was weird.

5. Thriller on C-Street
This is something new in the last couple years. It's a bunch of people dressed as zombies performing Thriller on Commercial Street. I haven't been yet, but I think it might be fun to go watch. This year they're doing two performances. The matinee is going to be family friendly so I'll go to that one.

In case you're wondering why I didn't list going to a haunted house, it's because I don't do haunted houses. Not because they're too scary, but there's usually too many spiders and I can't handle that. I've only been to 2 that I can recall. Once in high school on a field trip to Hannibal we went to a haunted house; I started to walk through one passage and felt what was probably intended to be spider legs and backed up, let everyone else pass, then made a running leap through it. The other time was in college. My boyfriend (now husband) was chased by a clown, which was pretty funny, but we haven't gotten around to going again since that happened.

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