Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I found this project by way of Dream Book Designs. Now that I have a mantel there are so many things I want to do!

I didn't do nearly as awesome on this as I intended. I just wanted to get it done so I could get it hung over the weekend because, y'know, it was THE FIRST WEEKEND OF AUTUMN!!!

I plan to redo this for next year and make at way better. But, for now, here's what I did for this year's bunting.

Fabric (light colored and stiff if possible)
Fabric marker (so it won't bleed)
Cardboard (an empty cereal box is best)
AUTUMN (or your choice of word) printed out in your choice of size and font
Pen or pencil
Clear paint and brush

First, I went to Hobby Lobby and drooled over a million things I didn't need. Then I explored the fabric section. I was hoping to find some burlap but didn't. I couldn't find any fabric I wanted until I checked out the remnants.

I cut out a triangle 5.5" wide by 6" long to use as a template for cutting my pennants. I traced the template on my fabric with a pen 6 times, one for each letter, then cut them out.

I normally do fonts by hand, but since I got lazy on this I traced my font. I used the font Georgia and just sorta guessed at the size to use. I taped my paper with my letters on the storm door then taped the pennants over the letters to trace them. Because it's fabric it will move and bunch as you trace, so try to hold it as still as possible.

After pulling the tape off the pennants I realized they were going to ravel so I used some clear paint on the back side to stiffen the edges. It wasn't perfect, which is why I sorta gave up on the project at this point. I recommend stiffening the backside of your fabric before cutting out your pennants.

I have chunky crimson yarn I can never figure out what to do with because it is ridiculous to try crocheting anything with it. So I used it for my bunting. I measured my mantel then cut 3 strands of yarn several inches longer so I could tie of the ends with loose bits hanging down. I laid the yarn on the ground and spaced the pennants next to it. Now, here's where you can tell I really gave up- I used packing tape to tape the pennants to one strand of yarn. Then I hung it up on the mantel and called it good.

Okay, so, what could I have done better and what will I do differently next year?
1. I honestly forgot to finish filling in the letters before hanging it, so it has a very raw quality to it.
2. I really wanted the bunting to be reusable year after year, so next time I'm going to sew it with a front and back so it's a little naturally stiffer and I won't have to worry about the edges raveling.
3. I'm going to the lettering by hand (not traced).
4. I have another fabric I want to line the edges of the pennants with so it's less blah.
5. I either want to hang acorns, leaves, or little pennants between the lettered pennants.

Even though it didn't end up the way I had planned I still really like the raw look of my bunting. It looks good with the other decor on my mantel and it's not too busy.

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