Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have to catch up on Castle.

I love the show, but somewhere toward the end of the last season I got busy and didn't have time for the show or something. I really can't remember. But I'm behind.

The last episode I watched was Pandora and I don't remember what happened.

It looks like 47 Seconds through the season finale is available to watch on ABC's website, so I'm going to try to catch up as much as possible before the season premier next week.

I already have some ideas of what happened, though. I work in an office with several Castle fans. I'm not entirely excited about the things I've heard. :::beware, possible spoilers ahead::: I'm not a big Beckett fan. I don't want her with Castle. However, I don't want her dead because then Castle would be sad and I don't want Castle to be sad because if Castle is sad then it makes Nathan Fillion look sad and I don't want Nathan Fillion to look sad. And I've heard as of the end of the season they're together. And they kissed. I'm not happy.

The only thing I like about Beckett is her hair. It's gotten really pretty.

I need to eventually catch up on season 1 and most of 2. I started watching the show halfway through season 2.


  1. I love how you specifically said, "I don't want her dead." Not, "I don't want her dating someone else" or "I don't want her transferring to the FBI and leaving town"...
    You went straight to the killing.

  2. Killing her would be the only way Castle would have to stop pining after her. If she just left town he'd still be trying to get her back.