Tuesday, September 18, 2012


First off, I have to say, when I read "crocheted" I pronounce it in my headed "crotch-et-ed." Because I can.

I found this pattern last week on Pinterest. I had to do it. I knew I had plenty of yarn lying around and could find the colors I needed. I, obviously, didn't want to do the exact same colors from the tutorial; I wanted all Fall-y colors. However, I didn't have a deep crimson red that I really wanted and I didn't want to use multiple shades of the same color, so I ended up using a dark purple to off-set the Fall colors. (I kinda hate the purple and will probably rip it apart next year to remake it with all the colors I want.)

Friday evening it was raining cats and dogs so I thought it was the perfect weather to begin my Fall crafting. I made some chai, got my supplies together, turned on the You've Got Mail soundtrack, and headed out onto the balcony with Missy to enjoy the weather.

See? The purple is kind of awful.
Crocheting the main part of the wreath is basically like crocheting a scarf then wrapping it around a
Styrofoam wreath. The tutorial didn't explain how to get it onto the wreath other than "Sew onto your wreath. Just be sure to line up each color to itself." What I did was attached the ends of the scarf, then let it wrap around the wreath. I sewed the sides together on the back, adjusting the position as I went.

Pardon the bad picture. I was just trying to quickly document.
The pumpkins were super easy. I love this pattern! It was so easy to make 1 then alter the pattern to make different sizes. The leaves were also very easy and a good pattern (forgot to get a pic of those).

Testing it!
Attaching the pumpkins and leaves to the wreath was difficult. I don't have a tapestry needle so I just used regular needle and thread (I could only find a short needle so it was even harder). A curved needle would have come in a lot handier. I attached the pumpkins first then placed the leaves, but it would have been a lot easier the other way around.

The bow, though easy to crochet, was the hardest part for me. I wanted to use a crimson yarn I have, but it's a chunky yarn I haven't figured out how to work with yet. I tried making an orange bow to match the orange in the wreath but I didn't have enough. I finally switched to my multi-colored Fall-y looking yarn. It ended up looking terrible. I have another yarn I'm going to try, but for now I've hung it as is.

I also painted my wreath hanger brown to kinda match the front door. It was gold. I hate gold. It's ugly. But now it's pretty.

I'm pretty proud of it. I planned for this to be my weekend project and I almost got it done in 2 days. I just had to finish up the bow on Monday since I kept having bow issues.

The original wreath from Repeat Crafter Me
It's a very simple Fall decor project and I had fun with it!

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