Thursday, September 13, 2012


About a month ago I finished catching up on Warehouse 13 and got tired of watch Xena: Warrior Princess. I needed something new to watch. I gave Supernatural a go.

I've been hearing about Supernatural for ages. I always ignored it because:

  1. It was from the WB/UPN/CW  (whatever it was back in the day) and I'm not a big fan of shows from those networks - I used to watch 7th Heaven, but then my brain kicked in, and Gilmore Girls is the exception (last season or so excluded).
  2. It was Jared Padalecki and to me he's Dean from GG so I didn't want to see him in another role.
  3. I was in college when it started and we didn't get very good tv reception so I missed out on a lot of shows that premiered during that period of my life.

Anyway, I started watching Supernatural recently and, in turn, started kicking myself for waiting so long. It is exactly my kind of show. I love it! Plus, I discovered Dean is Alec from Dark Angel, a.k.a., Jensen Ackles.

Season 1, so far, is my favorite. I appreciate how it focused on more than just demons but included other supernatural creatures. The "final showdown" in Season 1 turned into Season 2 focusing on tracking down the yellow-eyed man for the ultimate "final showdown," which means Season 2 started focusing on battling demons more than other creatures. I just started watching Season 3 and so far it looks like it's turned into a very demon specific show. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I enjoyed seeing the other creatures they dealt with and how they would scoff at the existence of some. Like aliens. Yeah, 'cause Djinn are real but they've never seen aliens so they obviously don't exist. I also liked the human villains, the ones that are just sick and twisted and you can't believe that someone could possibly be so evil without being possessed or under some influence, like the Benders.

That's really the only thing that currently frustrates me about the show. But, Season 8 begins airing in October and I'm only on Season 3, so things could obviously change again (no spoilers!).

I'm pretty excited that Mark Sheppard joins the cast in Season 5. I'm gonna guess he's a villain just because he's so awesome at it.

I'll probably talk more about the show the further I get.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying it! I'm Supernatural obsessed, so any time you want to chat about it, I'm in. I think season 3 has proven to be my favorite, though I have favorite episodes all over the place, and it's so interesting watching them grow and change. Yay supernatural! October 3 - get on that!