Thursday, October 4, 2012


In the words of River Song,
Do not continue reading if you have NOT watched this episode yet!

I will not hide my shame. I cried. In a room full of Whovians I cried. But I wasn't alone.

I don't even know where to start. It was an amazing episode. Honestly, probably one of the best 11/Amy/Rory episodes to date (and the last). I make no bones about my dislike of Matt Smith. I find him rarely endearing, but by the end of this episode I sort of felt the need to hug him and tell him "It's okay, they're together."

I like how he kept telling Amy to stop reading. If you don't read it it hasn't happened. Reminds me of my favorite Friends scene:

If you read it it's true. It has to happen. It's written future that's unchangeable. Like he has to break River's wrist just because Amy ready it, but it would be so easy to break the angel's wrist instead. He won't change the written future! It's infuriating! And that's why River loves him. She trusts him.

But why couldn't River just break the daggum angel's wrist???? All she had to do was find a heavy object and wack the dumb thing and change the written future! She could have done it.

Okay, I want to start back at the beginning.

They're sitting on a rock in Central Park. Reading. Amy's wearing glasses. I like this because it really points out how long the Ponds have known the Doctor. They've spent months and years at home between trips. They've aged and lived their own life. They aren't like previous companions whose lives have come to revolve so closely around travel with the Doctor that leaving him is such a dramatic life change. The Ponds love the Doctor, but they know how to live without him.

They're in Central Park. How was there not a closer coffee vendor? Why did Rory go so far away?!

Baby weeping angels. Scary! I'm never having a stone angel or cherub in my house. Ever. No. They're evil! Or the Statue of Liberty. Hello, how is there ever not someone watching that thing. It's New York. It's giant. I feel a plot hole. But, yeah, that's a creepy thought that that thing is just standing out there in the harbor waiting for the moment when, somehow, absolutely no one is watching it then, BAM! Half of New York gets sent back in time.

Rory's suicide attempt. That disturbed me. I teared up. But I was very unhappy that they had to resort to attempted suicide to save their selves  However, while stupid that Amy joined Rory in an endeavor that could have simply killed the both of them, she trusted him and couldn't live without him. Thank goodness he was right and it reset time! But why did the wake up in the cemetery  They weren't right back where they started at all. They started on a rock in Central Park.

When Rory saw his name on the tombstone my heart dropped. In a fraction of a second I argued so many possible scenarios that could make this possible but still not mean sending him to the past. I even convinced myself that when Steven Moffatt said it would be a heartbreaking goodbye that we had already gone through heartbreak thinking they were about to die. I mean, Moffatt lies, right? But a fraction of a second is all to short and Rory was gone.

Explain to me how the angel could touch Rory while Amy was standing there looking at it?! How?!

Amy couldn't live without Rory. After all  it was the tombstone of Rory Williams, not Rory Pond. They couldn't live without each other. Amy loves the Doctor, but Rory was her husband and that is a massive love.

Then they were gone.

River's parents were gone. Amy and Rory missed out on raising their daughter, then River lost her parents forever. But they aren't dead. They're just gone and she can never see them again.

But what about Rory's dad? I wanted him to be the new Wilfred. We were introduced to a new character and not given any kind of closure. Please, say it's not over! Bring back Brian.

You know what probably make it even sadder for Rory and Amy to be gone? Knowing how close the actors have become over the last couple years. Maybe I should just not follow my favorite shows via social media. Goodbyes might be less difficult.

On a lighter note, I was sort of amused that, out of the 9 or 10 of us watching Doctor Who together Saturday night, more than half of us had our hands over our mouths in the moment Rory saw his tombstone and the angel appeared behind him.

It's taken a couple days to write this post because, well, it was a farewell episode and it leaves one with a bit to think about. During my thinking a friend wrote her own review post, which I recommend: Irascible Jots: Goodnight, Ponds...

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