Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I'm not a big fan of chocolate. I'd much rather have vanilla. In fact, when I worked at Gloria Jean's my favorite non-menu drink was the Madagascar Vanilla Peppermint Steamer.

But try finding vanilla powder for cheap and sugar free. No, really, try it. If you find some hook me up!

However, hot chocolate, in my mind, is not *really* chocolate. It's one of the staple flavors of Autumn and Winter. So my favorite breakfast shake right now is iced cocoa eggnog.

Iced Cocoa Eggnog Shake
1-2 tsp. Sugar Free Hot Cocoa
3-4 eggs
5 oz. cold water
4 oz. half and half or heavy whipping cream

I make my shakes in my Ninja because it's amazing. I put the eggs in first so I can make sure no shell slips in. Then the water, half and half, and hot cocoa last. How much ice you use depends on the size of your ice and how thick you want it to be. This morning I used 6 large cubes and it was more juicy.

If you have an issue with drinking a shake with raw eggs then you can probably use ice cream in place of the eggs. I have nothing against raw eggs. They haven't killed me yet and I've been drinking homemade eggnog for the past 3 years and I've eaten cookie dough my whole life. But using the eggs makes this a much healthier shake than ice cream would. It also adds to the flavor, I think.

I like eggnog shakes for breakfast b/c they're healthy and good for on-the-go.


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