Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This weekend we added the final touches to Halloween Town on our balcony.

This is before the final touches.

We finally got the Pumpkin King to be a standing scarecrow instead relaxing in a chair. I keep forgetting he's there so he scares the crud out of me every time I go out on the balcony.

We finally remembered to get some branches from my parents' yard so he's got creepy hands now.

My original plan was to do a bunch of silhouettes in the windows. After the elaborate hill scene on the balcony I gave up on doing other silhouettes  but decided I really wanted to at least have Oogie Boogie in the spare room.

I also added a bat to the balcony above the Pumpkin King but failed to take a picture.

We noticed Saturday that we seem to have inspired our next door neighbors. This suddenly appeared over night:

I applaud the spookiness of cobwebs and tombstones. Jack is even well drawn. Last night I saw the neighbor taping the hill scene in the back up on the wall. I don't mind having inspired him, but since we already had the hill scene on our balcony his just really says "rip-off". Besides, our moon actually lights up when the lamp inside is on. Oh, and it's hard to see, but there's a little Christmas tree in the middle of all that. And last night he had Christmas lights and a black light on that really just light up the cobwebs so you can't see Jack or the hill. The pumpkins also look real so they probably won't last too long.

I like ours better because 1.) it's ours, 2.) every single bit is handmade, 3.) I think it's simple and understated, and 4.) we can still use the balcony. As for the Christmas part of Nightmare Before Christmas, I love decorating for Christmas and don't like to mix my holidays, so I stuck with the Halloween side of things. The same way I don't like how stores put out Christmas things in October (sometimes September) these days.

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