Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love bad weather. Storms are the best. I sleep fantastic when the rain is pouring down with light thunder in the background. Sleet and hail fascinate me. Tornadoes don't scare me. When I hear it's tornado weather I instantly want to dig out my VHS copy of Twister and sit down with a blanket and some popcorn.

However. I *don't* like lightening or storm sirens.

Currently I'm sitting on the floor in the back bathroom with Missy sitting on the edge of the tub in front of me. Storms don't seem to phase her either. Until we came in here she was lying on a bar stool fast asleep. Now she's whining about being confined with me. I didn't think to grab a toy.

I had been sitting on the couch watching Supernatural with the balcony door open enjoying the sounds of the storm. Then the sirens started. That's when I start to worry a little. They sounded pretty far so I ignored them at first, but then my KSPR app signaled a warning on my phone. I called my mom and asked if I should be worried. She suggested at least preparing to spend the night in the bathroom even if it wasn't necessary.

I've got my purse, a change of clothes, shoes, jacket, pillows, a blanket, laptop, cellphone plugged into laptop to charge, water, and my crocheting. Heaven forbid I should potentially go through a storm and lose my crocheting!

The tornado warning was supposedly over at 9:15. I haven't heard a confirmation yet. So I'm still here at 9:30.

I came in here because the sirens kept stopping and starting like they couldn't make up their minds and the rain and wind had gotten harder.

My sister and niece are at my parents' house. They live closer to where a tornado had been sighted, so I'm glad their safe. But, my husband works on the north end of town toward the stormier area. I supposed so long as my parents are safe in that part then he should be okay. I won't know for a fact until he comes in late because he's not allowed to use his cellphone at work and, by all means, let's not allow people to inform worried spouses that they are alive and well!

I turned the tv in the living room up loud enough so I could hear it in the other end of the house through closed doors. It sounds like TBBT just came on. I'd assume that means the warning's over, but the thunder just got louder and the rain still sounds pretty hard.

Missy's lying in front of the cabinet trying to get the doors open. We put child safety locks on them for that reason. And she's whining again.

It's 9:45 now. A tornado watch has been extended until midnight. Is a watch less severe or worse than a tornado warning? I can never remember.

Missy just curled up in the dirty clothes basket. I had a sneaking suspission she'd been doing that. Weirdo.

Okay, a watch means conditions are right for the possibility of weather events whereas a warning means a weather event is currently occuring. So, I should be safe to leave the bathroom now.

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