Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Advent is a season of waiting and preparing for Christmas. The advent calendar is a countdown of the first 24 days of December. The advent has been conducted in many ways, such as drawing a chalk line on the door, lighting a new candle each day, or hanging a picture. When I was little my mom had an advent calendar that was ultimately the nativity with each day adding a new person or animal to the scene. It's a fun, interactive countdown that adds to the anticipation of Christmas.

Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to create my own advent this year for my husband and I. I didn't use a specific pin, but combined a bunch of ideas.

I used an old Pepsi-Cola crate of my sister's that, coincidentally, perfectly had 24 cubbies. I searched all over the internet for various papercraft boxes and spent several days making little boxes for each cubby.

Once the boxes where done I wrapped them, taking care to make sure I could open then without having to rip the paper off so they can be used year after year.

I decorated them with ribbons and bows and each one has a tag for the day of the month it should be opened on.

The tags were my favorite part, I think. The tags were cheap little white price tags. I lightly sponged them with some bronze paint, then used little Christmas stamps to decorate them.

I had planned to use stickers to number them all, but my sister pointed out that I'm the "Queen of drawing fonts," so I ended up doing them by hand (with font ideas from dafont.com)

Once all was said and done I placed them in order in the Pepsi-Cola crate. 

I put little paper slips with fun date ideas and Christmas activities in each box. So, starting December 1, my husband and I have plans every night of the month! A couple of the activities we had to plan around our schedules and Christmas trip, but the rest were place in the boxes randomly, so we have no idea what we're doing most nights.

I was going to set my advent on the dining room table but Missy likes to steal the little packages. I'll have to figure out somewhere that she cant reach, but for now it's sitting in a closet until after Thanksgiving. I have a personal rule that I CANNOT decorate until the weekend after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas and refuse to get tired of it because of decorating too early.

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