Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I don't usually read Jon Acuff's blog, but I probably should.

Recently there's been news about Nicolas Cage being in talks to remake the Left Behind series. Personally, I'm Kirk Cameron fan and I haven't liked any Nicolas Cage movies since the first National Treasure. Actually, I think I only ever really liked 3 of his movies: The Rock, Con Air, and Face/Off. He had a really good run in '96/'97.

The thought of Nicolas Cage rebooting Left Behind baffles me. When I first read that I had no words. I couldn't...I don't...okay, I still have no words. The article I read also couldn't find the words.

Jon Acuff, however, has embraced the idea.

According to a variety of media sources, Nicolas Cage is thinking about remaking the Left Behindmovie series. The potential awesomeness is hard to capture in words, but I’m still going to try.
Since Cage is probably new to the Christian sphere (it’s not a dome, a lot of people make that mistake), I thought I’d help him out with 21 things he needs to know about the Left Behind movie:
1. Kirk Cameron needs to make a cameo.
2. Tim Tebow should have a cameo as well. He can throw a football to some kid who raptures as he catches it.
3. If you want to attract Christian singles to attend the movie, then, in the ads, don’t say, “Come alone if you’ve been given the gift of singleness that Paul had!” They frown on that.
4. For the exciting scenes that kind of start off slow and then build to loud action packed fantasticness, use music from Mumford & Sons.

Go to his blog and read the rest. It's well worth it!

I'm definitely going to be adding Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like to my blogroll.

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