Saturday, December 1, 2012


Happy December!

Today is the first day of our advent calendar countdown. Today's activity was a coffee date sans cell phones. We both have a bad habit of playing on our phones all the time. Occasionally, when we go out, we try to set a rule of no playing with our phones, even if something is brought up in conversation that needs to be Googled we wait til we get home to check it out.

We went to Hebrews. He had a Latte and I had an Americano. No, not very festive drinks, but very delicious! We don't go to Hebrews often. Maybe once a year, so it's defiantly a treat to make the trek to the part of town we rarely visit for a coffee date.

When we have a date sans phones we like to stack them on one side of the table so we know where they are and aren't tempted to fish them out of our pockets. However, because we were discussing Christmas plans and presents we did end up looking a couple things up but nothing else. We stuck strictly to topical Googling.

I'm so excited that winter and Christmas are on their way!

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