Monday, December 3, 2012


Christmas Shopping

I surprised Allen this morning with M&Ms in the little package. I told him the store let me open the bag and just buy 7 so that's all there is.

Allen doesn't typically work week nights (other than about an hour on Thursdays), but because it's the holiday season he offered up his Monday nights for extra hours and is scheduled to work tonight. If it's not a busy night he may get off early enough that we can still go Christmas shopping.

However, while he's at work I plan to do a tad of Christmas shopping on my own. I should probably make a list of what I need so I don't get there and draw a blank. I tend to do that. I go to the store for eggs, end up buying soda, then finally remember what I was there for right after checking out. I'm good.

If we don't get to go Christmas shopping tonight we reserve the right to double-up an activity with another day's activity.

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  1. I'm really enjoying seeing the activities you guys are opening each day. What a great idea!