Monday, December 17, 2012

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: DAYS 15, 16, & 17

I may have time to blog on the weekends, but I don't really want to, so let's catch up.

Watch a cheesy Christmas movie.

This was fun and easy. Our internet started behaving a couple days ago so we had no loading problems. We finished watching Christmas Town. I like Nicole de Boer as Ezre Dax, but that woman cannot act. And neither can the guy that every word I expect to hear out of his mouth is "Surfs up, dude!" That movie wasn't really cheesy, but just awful!

Then we watched Christmas Cupid which was a perfectly cheesy ABCFamily movie from a couple years ago. It was filled with a predictable story line, a clothing montage, and even ended with a montage of every time one of the main characters had smiled. Successfully cheesy!

Watch a Christmas movie.

Another easy one that I just realized we failed. We were going to watch The Polar Express with Celia yesterday, but our free time was taken up making ornaments with her before my husband had to work. I could have watched one by myself, but I spent my evening watching Glee. Well, I did watch the Christmas episode, so it sorta counts, right? No, but I'll probably watch several Christmas movies tonight since he has to work again.

Take a drive to see the lights.

Well, my husband works tonight, so we'll probably do this tomorrow night after we see The Hobbit.

Oh yes, did I mention WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE HOBBIT! Every time I say that I hear this:

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