Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Spending 2 months listening to nothing but Christmas music makes it difficult to transition back to "normal" music. I spend weeks trying to figure out what to listen to. This is the worst time for my music ADD.

It's Winter, so there's certain music I can't listen to yet. Rooney is Spring/Summer music. Emiliana Torrini is Summer music (because of Unemployed in Summertime). Okay, so most of my music preferences  if not Christmas, are associated with warmer months. I don't have any specifically cold wintery music.

Last night I was trying to decide what to listen to while doing laundry. I kept scanning my Pandora channels and just wasn't happy. Normally I LOVE soundtracks and that would be a good solution, but even Lord of the Rings couldn't do it for me. I finally came across the Bobby Vee station and that seemed to do the trick. I love oldies. Next to soundtracks and Christmas music, oldies is my favorite genre.

This morning, however, when I opened up my Spotify one line of music jumped to mind: "Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum." Yes! Big band/swing! But not Sinatra. Sinatra is overrated- yes, I just said Sinatra was overrated- and only acceptable on a compilation or a big band mix station. I usually prefer James Darren. But, today I'm in the mood for Michael BublĂ©.

All that to say, looks like this Winter I'll be enjoying some big band and swing!

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