Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm a Trekkie, not a Star Wars fan. I don't hate Star Wars, it's just not my favorite. My husband is the...what do they call themselves? Warsie? Yeah, that doesn't sound dumb at all. *sarcasm*cough*sarcasm* I've watched all the movies and I prefer the original trilogy.

That said, let me love on my Trek.

J.J. Abrams is a traitor!!!

Is one "Star" franchise not enough for this man? Why must he have two? You know it's just going to be a lot of lens flare and "warsies" fussing about it.

J.J. Abrams name is synonymous with lens flare.

Okay, it's not just that J.J. is directing it. It's the whole "Disney bought Lucas Film/Arts and is going to make more films. That bugs me. And not because I'm a Trekkie and I feel threatened. No, it's because I kinda feel like the movies came to a solid close with Return of the Jedi. Honestly, if there needs to be more story, it should be told in a tv setting much like a Star Trek series. I really think that's the heading Star Wars needs to take. Yes, I know there's a tv series but it's a cartoon and fully laughable (y'know, like the TOS cartoon back in the day; yeah, it's Trek, but it's a freakin' cartoon!).

Back to J.J. How is this acceptable? The man directed Star Trek (2009) and rewrote history (a point with which I'm okay) and made everything shiny. (Is there a drinking game associated with lens flare yet?) I mean, I don't see how he could really rewrite history with Star Wars (something Lucas already messed up), but why would a "Warsie" trust him at this point? Their sacred saga is in jeopardy!

But he's already got Trek! Why can't he stick to one franchise?!

I had a dream last night about Joss Whedon and the Avengers. There wasn't really a story line or anything. I just remember it was Joss Whedon directing and talking about how much he loved Marvel. Get it??? Joss loves Marvel and he sticks with it! One franchise! You don't see him turning around and directing a DC movie, right? (He hasn't, right? I couldn't identify a DC character if my life depended on it; I'm very loyal to Marvel.)

Anyway, here's some articles. Form your own opinion. I'm not happy, though.

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Also, if this results in a crossover I'm hanging up my geekery and walking away.

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