Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Work is crazy stressful right now.

We have co-workers out on maternity leave, a co-worker training for a new position, an open position, a temp who got thrown into the middle of everything, and it's that time of year where it already tends to be stressful without all that thrown on top. But I digress.

I've given up soda. It's the 9th on January and I can count on one hand how many sodas I've had since the 1st. Two. I had a 32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper on the 2nd and a can of Diet Coke on the 5th. Neither of those being my preferred soda (I'm sorry, Dr. Pepper, I just don't have any feelings for you anymore. Diet Pepsi stole my heart.).

However, I have not given up caffeine. That would be stupid. And pointless. And pointlessly stupid. Giving up caffeine is like saying, "Oh, hey, Oxygen? pffft Who needs that? I've got plenty of Carbon Monoxide." (Is it weird that I've started hearing Tina Fey's voice in my head when I'm sarcastic?) I drink coffee daily. DAILY. During the last couple glorious days of my Christmas vacation I drank lots of coffee. Not because I was craving caffeine due to soda withdraws (honestly haven't had any), but because it was there and so was I and why say no? The first two days back to work I was a regular to the coffee shop. Then we finally stocked back up at home and I've been bringing coffee to work.

Work is stressful. I can't make it through a day without coffee or else I might be forced to... well, plausible deniability...

Thanks to my current stress load I haven't gotten much done at home. When I get home I put on comfy clothes, turn on Netflix, and pick up some crocheting. The second I start trying to do housework I get stressed so I've just put it off.

There was no point to this post, it's just... stress.

And coffee.


Sorry I never finished the advent posts, but I was on vacation and reserved the right to not bother.

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