Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm pretty proud of this.

I've had this vase forever. It used to house my goldfish Iam (yes, named after Iams cat food; I think I may have had a fish in college named Special Kitty). He died for no apparent reason and I got mad at him, but I loved him so I've kept his bowl for over a decade.

This vase has housed a few things since Iam. Coffee beans. Coffee sleeves (I keep at least one from each shop I go to). Random junk. And now kitchen cooking utensil things. Not really sure what to call those. Kitchen implements?

I didn't like it being clear. It didn't match anything.

It finally occurred to me to paint it. Duh.

I initially tried to paint stripes but they were uneven and frustrated me, so I painted the whole thing brown. It's a darker brown than the pictures shows. Almost black. While it was still pretty wet I painted the teal onto the bottom and pulled it up to blend it.

I really like how it turned out. I think it looks a bit like pottery now instead of just a glass vase. And it matches my kitchen better. It also let me empty out a drawer to make room for other things, which was my main goal.

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