Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I'm a right-brained person stuck in a left-brained body.

I'm creative and crazy and disorganized, always wanting to start a new project before the last one is completed, but my particularities always win out. Instead of starting that second project my brain forces me to complete the first project while I dream longingly about the supplies and time I will spend on the second project.

Or, we could say high school and college successfully left-brainwashed me.

I realized this recently when I noticed I always use a blue pen for everything while I keep trying to find reasons to use that green one laying in my desk drawer. Then it dawned on me, I don't have to use the blue pen anymore. No one sees what I write but myself. My charts are just for me. My notes that I take during phone calls or meetings get scribbled out after I've completed the task. My planner never leaves my desk, normally covered up by my charts, so no one else sees it. So why do I personally feel like I have to write everything with a blue pen when that green pen is just lying there waiting to be used? Because my education brainwashed me into only every using a black or blue pen or a #2 pencil when necessary. (I have a dislike for black pens, for some reason, and refuse to use them.)

Okay, take a good look at my desk.

These are the kinds of things I have all over it. Expressions of my creativity. I have action figures all over my desk! So why in the world am I so particular about using my blue pen???

No more. I'm putting my blue pen away and using my green. I'm breaking out of my left-brained mold!

If you knew just how particular I am about things you'd understand why this is a big achievement.

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